Gas Fireplace

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A young single mother is forced to confront her past to save her daughter and bring down her drug lord ex. Starring: Mikey Madison and G-Eazy

The first live-action feature from Oscar-winning writer, Jim Mahoney; Nina and Allen split everything in their lives after their break-up and must compete in a ridiculous custody battle for their prized watering hole in which lines will be drawn, sides will be chosen, and beers will be drunken.

Starring: Melissa Fumero, Luka Jones, Rachel Bloom, and Julian Grant.


After checking into a motel for a quarantine-cation, a young couple desperate to reignite their relationship, finds themselves trapped in a human menagerie designed by a deranged recluse.

Starring: Nicolette Acosta, Nicky Romaniello, and Lynn Allinger